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The piteous story of FBI vs. LulzSec!

Few days ago, many press articles exposed what was supposed to be spectacular action of the FBI against LulzSec.

The main ‘spectacular’ action this time was that the FBI succeeded in gaining the ‘cooperation’ of one young man who was, more or less, part of the young people's movement.

The ‘cooperation’ of this poor scared young person, lasted 10 months… from June 2010 to March 2011, where he sometimes worked ‘full nights’ for the FBI to deliver his colleagues and friends in the best (illegal) conditions!

According to the press news (relating FBI personnel declarations), the operation ended up by arresting 4 suspected persons (all over the worldJ).

Apparently not hoping for many more suspects through its new agent, the FBI decided to throw him away by revealing his identity to the press! (Not very much encouraging collaborating with those people… isn’t it?)

Well… by any simple arithmetic logic: 10 months of cooperation of such a great agent to simply have 4 suspects… that really seems pitiful.

Finally: The story seems in fact more about the recurrent failure of organizations like FBI to do their job (whatever this job may be!)