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JAN 25… "Those stone-age men setting in chairs"

Egypt’s January 25 revolution is a great hope for humanity.

Against a regime of criminals with 1.8 million of “well-equipped” and “well-trained” anti-riot forces… and some more thugs, opportunists and other hypocrites… young peaceful people with human values could win.

We are living a new dawn for human values.

Happy new year, Stephane Hessel

A new year is here… and this reminds me of Stephane Hessel, a young man born in 1917.

After having fought against the Nazis in World War II, he still keeps teaching us so many (simple) principles of humanity... still offers us a fresh and critique view of the True and False wellbeing of our ‘modern model’ of civilization… inviting us to prefer human values against established laws, and to keep our indignation in front of ‘financial market dictatorship’. (Read this interview)


Happy New Year Stephane Hessel… we will try harder!


Pour nos amis francophones :

·         Stéphane Hessel sur Wikipédia FR…

·         Lire la présentation de son livre ‘Indignez-vous’ !