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Html Content Viewer for Silverlight

In a previous post, I talked about a solution to manipulate (animate for example) the Silverlight control inside the hosting html page.


The reverse side of the problem (displaying html content inside a Silverlight control), is a requirement which comes out in the context of numerous web projects.


Some of the proposed solutions suggest html translators in order to obtain the final text into a sort of ‘Rich Edit’ control.

Although it is very good to have a rich edit Silverlight control, the solution seems too tedious to solve a relatively simple problem: displaying html content into an html page (i.e. the page hosting our Silverlight control).


Building on the previous sample of animating the Silverlight control into the hosting page, I tried to make a user control that dynamically creates an iFrame to display the desired html content inside the main Silverlight page.


You can have a look at the proof of concept Here!




Dynamically create an html control

Suppose we want to display the html page: http://mycompany.com/page.html inside our Silverlight control.


The solution can be:

§  Use the HtmlPage to locate the hosting HtmlElement (where our Silverlight control lives: that can be straightforward:  HtmlPage.Plugin.Parent;)

§  Create a new html container (for example, a DIV)

§  Place an iframe html element inside this container

§  Set the iframe source to the desired page

§  Insert the container into the hosting HtmlElement



Here is a sample code illustrating these steps


private void CreateHtmlContent()


       HtmlElement  plugin_div   = HtmlPage.Plugin.Parent,

                    new_div      = HtmlPage.Document.CreateElement("div"),

                    iframe       = HtmlPage.Document.CreateElement("iframe");


       /// set the new div position to absolute

       new_div.SetStyleAttribute("position", "absolute");

       new_div.SetStyleAttribute("z-order", "5");


       new_div.SetStyleAttribute("left", "200px");

       new_div.SetStyleAttribute("top", "40px");

       new_div.SetStyleAttribute("width", "400px");

       new_div.SetStyleAttribute("height", "400px");


       /// setup the iframe style, attributes and target page

       iframe.SetStyleAttribute("width", "100%");

       iframe.SetStyleAttribute("height", "100%");

       iframe.SetAttribute("src", "http://www.isosoft.org/taoffi/");


       /// add the iframe to the new div



       /// add the new div to the hosting html page




The solution exposed here can be a suitable foundation to solve many situations where html content can be composed and/or displayed inline within a Silverlight control.

Let us begin by making a custom control, a HtmlContentViewer say!


The sample code exposes some more!


SilverHtmlContent.zip (49.34 kb)

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