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WPF and a ComboBox dilemma (again!)

Sometime ago, I discussed a ComboBox mouse scroll issue in Silverlight. I, again, had a new problem with the ComboBox control… this time in a WPF application.

The ItemsSource update problem

In my case, I had a ComboBox whose ItemsSource was bound to a list of items which was updated dynamically, and its SelectedItem bound to one item of the list. The problem was that the ComboBox was correctly updating the SelectedItem, while the drop-down list continued to display the older list of items! ... Here is a sample illustration:


Figure 1: This is the first context:


Figure 2: The item list changed… the ComboBox correctly displays the selected item (2.476563)… which doesn’t exist at all in the items list. The drop-down list still displays the old items list!


Such odd situations make you feel that either there should be an error somewhere in your code… or that the CombBox itself is a control that you should reinvent yourself!


Check your code!

Here is my Xaml code… that really seems so ‘standard’

<ComboBox x:Name="combobox_rates"
    ItemsSource="{Binding Combinations, Mode=OneWay}"
    ItemTemplate="{DynamicResource combi_list_template}"
    SelectedItem="{Binding Path=SelectedCombination}" />

According to someone advice, let-s add a IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem=”True”:

<ComboBox x:Name="combobox_rates"

Desperately, that doesn’t solve the problem!
Another advice: Bind the ItemsSource to an ObservableCollection<T> (instead of a List<T>): nothing changes…
A third one: add an UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged to the Binding… let’s just try

ItemsSource="{Binding Combinations, Mode=OneWay, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"


The solution

Still, we didn’t try this… let’s use the IsAsync Binding attribute:

ItemsSource="{Binding Combinations, IsAsync=True, Mode=OneWay}"

Oh… that seems to work great!
Is sofware development a Science, an Art, or Craftsmanship?!

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